Saturday, August 19, 2006


my name is rahardhi
and i'm serius_loe_jon
what's the meaning of "serius lo jon"?
"serius loe jon?" is a phrase used to emphasize that you are not sure about the answer given.
especially if the answer sounds bullshit.

"emang loe pernah jadian ama dia?"
"nggak. nyentuh aja gue nggak pernah. dia cowo brengsek gitu. sampah. mending gue jadian ama cowo yang rada jelas dikit"
"ah, serius lo jon?"

repeat if necessary.

now let the truth be known that serius_loe_jon is rahardhi
thus, i have no need to name my post again

serius_loe_jon is rahardhi
ah, serius lo jon?

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