Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just anotheR cRap awaY....=D

Just finished playing soccer with e guys, was quite funny when me and tammy divided e court into two, one for each of us, while we were playing in e same team...LOL...
Then...I bathed, bt somehow i can still feel e heat from playing soccer, bt aniwae i still got a Lampard inside, cant score properly...Hehez....nt important....
Just realize something, I always write crap on this blog, srry guyz...!!
I better get to e point fast, when I came down for breakfast, with no apparent reason (or at least i'd like to think so...) this song keep ringing in my head, and of course, some part more than the here we go...

Waktu aku lagi tinggi
Hilang akal sehatku
Tapi masih ingat kamu

Hampir setiap malam hari
Di dalam tidurku
Sering memimpikan kamu

Banyak usaha untuk menelpon kamu
Banyak pesan yang aku tinggalkan
Tapi di mana kamu aku nggak tahu
Jarang di rumah kebanyakan di jalan

I miss you but I hate you, my girl....I miss you but I hate you, my girl....

Baru aja kubuka mata
Terbangun pagi-pagi
Langsung kepikiran kamu

Setiap bunyi berdering
Langsung ku angkat telponku
Berharap itu dari kamu

Berkali-kali aku sms kamu
Berkata mesra yang aku ucapkan
Kamu nggak tahu apa nggak mau tahu
'Gak ada kabar nggak ada penjelasan

Mwahahaha....there are lotsa wonderful things in this world, bt sometimes we just have to look at the ugly ones...It keeps us realistic!!

Bleah, sorry, im just rambling, as always...maybe i should learn to talk less and listen more...anyone care to teach me how?? LoLz...


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