Friday, September 01, 2006


Me again.
The only light in the room has been killed.
Just glows from the screen of my laptop.
And cellphone.

Why people are afraid of the dark?
The first nine months of our live, we spent it in the full darkness. There was no problem.
But, when we were born, and saw the light for the first time,
We cried.
We were afraid.

Nature has created the world with several hours of darkness.
The night.
The darkness itself is natural.
It is natural.

Look at yourself.
Can you see the darkness?
No, maybe not in your body.
Not above the skin.
But somewhere there.
Inside your heart.
Can you feel it?

"My heart is clean, white, and pure"
You can feel it.
The darkness. There.
In your mind.
You should not be afraid of the dark.
Because you have it yourself.
Inside there.
Maybe buried under compassion, love, and other sweet things.
But the darkness is still there.
Until the day you may realize.
That you need it.
The darkness.
To make you stay sane.

Trust me.
Close your eyes.
Release the darkness in you.
And you can feel it.
It makes you stronger.
It gives you not only reason, but also power.
To do the necessary thing.
Maybe not always nice, but necessary.
You know it is true.
You will always need the power.

nevermind the consequences

(apa pulak kau ni? Dah malam pun masih pula merepek, macam darkness2 apa tuh? nanti korang kurang tidur, tak boleh belajar, macam mana? Nak jadi bodo?)

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