Wednesday, June 13, 2007

worst holiday ever????

reasons why this holiday is my worst:

1- i must wake up EVEN EARLIER than usual schooldays (personal business)
2- lots of homework (homejoy, she said. Blah.)
3- my brother lost his mp3. i lost my earphone. unfortunately, his earphone and my mp3 dun match.
4- i find my brother can drive. i cannot. he drive and i sulk all the way. (not really lah. good job, bro)

and other bad things happen.

however, this is still a holiday. must enjoy it anyway.

Dunno why but these days my mood makes me listen to emo, metal, and hardcore music. I listen to all those bands with long and funny names (From First To Last, Killed By Butterfly, Bullet For My Valentine etc.). One band is called The Number Twelve Looks Like You. It's a name of a band and it contains 6 words.

Can we change the name of Strawberry Cheesecake to make it sounds emo/metal/hardcore?
Yes, we can.

Some suggestions:
-Eat Me And Puke Me Out
-Sweet Rotten Cheesecake
-As Red As Blood, As Yellow As Sickness
-Sugarcoat Feast

And ultimately:

Good ideas. We should have a meeting to discuss this.

...when the shit hit the fan

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