Sunday, May 25, 2008

World isn't ending.

Sunday morning rain is falling..

Panas, dan gue uda ga bisa tidur lagi
dan dengan bodohnya tadi uda niat pergi mau ke bengkel
dan udah jalan begitu, gue bingung ko byk org naek speda...
oh ternyata ini hari Minggu, bengkel itu ga buka, kirain Sabtu...
lalala, so gue balik lagi and curl up in my bed again :P

soal uni, gue blom memutuskan si lucunya, masi ampe June 2
nyokap nyuruh ke Sg buat ngeliat secara langsung dan memutuskan
ogah ah, kayak gue blom pernah ke uni2 itu ajah gitu...
well, gue masi mikir si..argh.

rhd, dude, hot babes in those places? really?
try esplanade rooftop and snacth one of them away from her bf, dare ya.

quick story, yesterday I went to watch Indiana Jones
the movie was fine, not bad in fact, good scenes, nice characters
though Eastern Russian accent does not suit Cate Blanchett
not the point, sitting beside was this new highschool monkey couple
about 15-16 i'd say? and after 30 min of the movie or so,
they just start consuming each other, good god in heaven.
I mean, it's a fully seated theatre, and they are NOT discreet..
not a good sight.

dan gue jadi bertanya-tanya di dalam hati
(tapi ga ada yang jawab, duh, kalo ada gue bingung si)

what's the point of getting together? besides the obvious reason by those two.
kalo kata dhea n jebay (kalo ga salah), biar ada yang nemenin pas temen2 u repot.
sometimes i'm skeptical, but hey, i'm still straight and up for it :)

enough for now, maybe i'll hit the gym.
hey, workouts can be fun when u see results :P

oh, congratulations David Cook the American Idol!

rahardhi, dude, if u somehow decided to do one of the first three plan,
and think it'll fail, here's your pre-emptive:

Someone told me love would all save us
but how can that be? look what love give us
world full of killing, and blood spilling that will never end

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