Tuesday, August 26, 2008

questioning Miss Liberty

Essay Concerning Love Affair and Its RamificationS (ECLAIRS)

"Love makes a cat's turd tastes like chocolate"

--a Javanese proverb

Astounding, how human being speaks so highly and fondly of love. It is impossible to count words that have been spent in human history to express man's feeling of affection. Love is the driving force that motivates countless number of musicians, poets and artists to create their masterpiece, which eventually inspires others to feel the same love. Besides that, apparently love has a power to distort man's perception and to shape their paradigm, as profoundly shown in the Javanese proverb. From this point of view, it seems as if love is equivalent with Descartes' Evil Demon in their capability to interfere with man's senses and perception. However, as love interferes the very process of shaping our knowledge, does it mean that love is necessarily evil? What does entail the condition of being in love? Ultimately, how far can love affect the construction of our knowledge? This essay will try to answer several burning questions about love affairs from epistemic point of view.

Just an idea i have for my Independent Study. For those who don't know, Independent Study is a compulsory project for all KI students and it is included in the final examination. It is a 3000 words essay about ANYTHING. Yes, it can be about anything as long as it can be related back to epistemology concepts. I have a friend who plan to write about sports and its impacts to the society. Another friend of mine has started to collect materials about pornography and its implications to one's mind and body.

I do have other ideas for IS, but this one came profoundly after i saw this couple from a particular country which I detest kissing at the hostel's staircase. And I cant help myself from wondering, how powerful love is, as it can make a girl kiss a fat and ugly guy who has not showered and has not changed from his school uniform at 9pm? People say that love is blind, but apparently in this case, it also blinds people.

and no, I'm not jealous. Hell, no. God forbid, no.

Some other ideas I am considering:

- What's So Funny? An Epistemic Assessment of Comedy and Humour with Case Study of American Pie Series and Eurotrip

- Pondering the Crescent Light in the Darkest Night: A Study of Muslim Philosophy as An Obscure Branch of Western Philosophy

The titles look good, but i really have no idea how to start this. However, first priority is still to ace promo and get to retain KI. So, let's put the cool stuff aside and get dirty: one whole book and one huge file of KI stuff to mug and memorize.

and to add on the JC jokes,

Q: how many student from ACSIB is needed to change a lightbulb?
A: none. when they know that in Singapore they have to change lightbulb, they go abroad to study.

song of the day: Cake - Frank Sinatra

we know of an ancient radiation
that haunts dismembered constellations
a faint glimmering radio station

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