Friday, January 19, 2007

No Fruits For Today

Slowly down the avenue
And the irony of liking you
What was to be some brand new shoes
Now them colour has come out pure blue

I’d love to love the sunshine thru
But love in doubt will not have two
The novelty will out last you
Comin’ down the ledge will do
See it thru, me and you

I love you when you love me,
And we are gonna make a big family

Driving down the afternoon
Something that can not be tuned
I’d love to make things out with you
But the flowers were too lame to move

Outside the signs were two by two
The novelty comes out to you
The Philadelphia blue lagoon
Jumpin’ up and down the moon

Rabu kemaren nonton bola. Singapur vs Indo. 2-2. Suram. Tapi seru. Banyak anak NUS gila. Coba kalo lebih banyak lagi yang nonton. Gue gak peduli ama yang cewe2. Tapi gue terkejut dari cowo sebatch cuma 4 orang yg nonton. Mestinya dijadiin batch outing. Meskipun kalah tapi gue puas ngata2in singapur. Tapi tetep aja sedih.


Gue gak ada cca. Beli sepatu baru. Puas baca di AMK library. Beli mangkok baru. Hehehe.

Friday never hesitates...

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