Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the seven days itch

"If people can suffer from homesick, is there such thing as hostel-sick?"
I would say no. Maybe you are getting sick of home, that's all. My advice: get a life.

If I told you before that this holiday would be boring, i should take back my words. Because for me, it is not! So many things are happening, and i cannot afford to be bored. Tired and sleepy, yeah. But not bored.

Only in the first 7 days of holiday, I have experienced many things I never thought I would:

First, I attended a sermon from Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (just google the name if you have no idea who this guy is). I believe some orientalists/terrorism analysts/security consultants would pay a hefty sum for this opportunity. And i had it for free, plus dinner. How lucky is that.

Anyway, he is not as scary as the media's description. I think he is just a genial, eloquent old man who has a strong faith in what he is doing. (and no, i wasnt brainwashed or rallied to fight against Great Satan. Thats so lol.)

And for the first time in my life, (take a deep breath) I took busway. And that was a life-changing experience.
For years, Jakarta's public transportation never fails to disappoint me. Rude drivers, unhygienic bus, choking exhaust gas, etc. But busway is... revolutionary. The designer deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for giving Jakartans the peace they deserve on the road. Busway rocks man!!
(ok ok gue tau gue norak, seumur hidup gue baru naek busway kemaren. santai donk.)

Now my brother has a home-studio for his band.
He got that for his birthday, I think. My father got half my room renovated and sound-proofed and turned it into this.

My dad took away my laptop becos i was having O levels. My brother will have his exams in 6 months and he got his own music studio. Haha, how fair is that.

No, i'm not jealous. Its just that dad has just taken siblings rivalry to the new level.

And another night, I had a taste of Jakarta nightlife.

With sum friends, we went around Latuharhari looking for trannies to pick up. It was stupid, but at least we had a good laugh about it. Thanks God we didn't find one. I dunno what would happen next if we did pick up a tranny that night.
(thanks PAL for introducing me to 'Jakarta Delight'. But sorry, I didnt enjoy it at all. It sucks. )

So many things happened in the first seven days. Cannot wait for the next adventure tomorrow.
The first day of the rest of this GREATEST holiday ever.

Song of the day:

Avenged Sevenfold
Bat Country

The times we had
Oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow

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