Friday, January 25, 2008

The precious messed up thoughts of me and you

I am dyingg...
Just stayed overnight at the hospital, barely get an hour to sleep...
last meal I've eaten was close to 23 hours ago...
and honestly, waiting in that room was not very exciting experience...
niatny pgn mnta dtemenin, sms org, somehow hp g agk ngadat...
intiny g cape :(

oh, congrats to those o lvl people, proud of y'all :P
dan bnerny g jd agk tgank jg yah bwt a lvl...
smoga ga aneh2 lg deh, ga tau ap yg terjadi pas o lvl yah...uhuk..
bt nvm, it's been an exciting learning experience in IJC, both academic and non-academic..

gotta end this, i'm really tired, may have to go to hospital (again) tonight
or maybe it is me that needs to be? :P

I just realised I'm simply kinda pathetic :( especially tonight,
yea what can you do about it?

somehow nyokap suka banget ma lagu butterfly, liriknya lucu si :
Butterfly fly away so high, as high as hopes I pray, to come and reach for you
Rescuing your soul, the precious messed up thoughts of me and you
haha, somehow it made me feel tau napa :)

there's a light, a certain kind of light
that never shone on me


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