Monday, September 01, 2008

Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards

Hi there.

First time I really skipped entire lecture today.
reason? 4 hours of sleep is not enough, I prefer my bed than lecture hall, definitely.

Why is it that sometimes we can remember what we dreamt about, vividly?
Last night was a weird one. Includes me being in a relationship.
Let's just say this one makes me think about someone the whole day.
Not a pleasant feeling, now I'm actually missing her, as a friend, of course.

And so I looked up Dream in Wikipedia:

Functional Hypoteses:
  • Dreams regulate mood.
  • Hartmann says dreams may function like psychotherapy, by "making connections in a safe place" and allowing the dreamer to integrate thoughts that may be dissociated during waking life.
  • Ferenczi proposed that the dream, when told, may communicate something that is not being said outright.
Very funny, I know these doesn't apply to mine.
and I don't like to infer that I'm desperate, I'm not.

Let's just change the subject.
I need to go to queenstown area, shopping lists :
- Tennis racket
- Casual AND sport shoes

which, if added together, should cost me around 400 bucks. darn.
scholarship allowance please, please, please come fasterr.....pretty please?
my balance's depleting, uni life is NOT cheap.

and position of NTU does not help, it cost 5 bucks to go to town two-way.
like adit says, NTU should start learning smoke Morse sign.

I have a lot of mixed feelings right now.

was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
thing are gonna happen, naturally.

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