Friday, January 18, 2008

Angels may not always stay in the Light

Oh how I miss the dark,
How anything that seems bright will not be as pretty without dark
When they say the night has come,
I am sad, for I know soon the light will shine
Yet I see best when dark is there
It opens my heart, enlighting corners that I didn't know was there
It cheers me up, almost as often as I feel down
The dark, will have absolutely no idea
How it drives me crazy, and lonely
How it always stays in some part of my heart
Somehow, at night I miss it the most
For I could not do anything, to reach its post
Stars and planets, are decorations of dark to me
Yet the dark values them much
The sun rises, moon eclipses and stars fades
It is all big matter for the dark
And when they say it's almost the same dark everywhere
I know it's best when it is in French
And so, never forget those who shines the dark
As the dark will always stay close in their heart

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