Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Wing and Rock n Roll


Britney going out with a Pakistani, its weird.
The $2500 Indian car, its weird.
Reading Kafka, its weird.

But me in a need of a wing is not weird. Its perfectly normal. Especially when I need to fly to meet the angels. The angels in white. Haha now I'm talking nonsense. But I need a wing. God please send me one. Please please please. I only try to Live by The Rules. The time, the place is perfect. The angels are perfect. All I need is a wing. Even without feathers. The feathery one I also dont really mind. Come on.

Song of the day: Yasuko Agawa - But Beautiful

cukup emo emo tolol. rahardhi, loe terlalu keren buat ini. sip.

If you never listen or even never heard bout this band called The Sigit, you should. You just simply should. I think The Sigit (anw SIGIT stands for Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent) is the best rock n roll Indonesia can ever give to the world. I love the album, I love all the songs, especially Nowhere End and New Generation. The Sigit makes me want to form a band again, after all my band members went different paths with their life. OMG The Sigit is just ROCK N ROLL.

The best thing about the band is every time i listen to their music i cant help myself but forming this image in my mind:

Hari, Marian and me are in the Pontiac GTO '68 with lowered windows, going 60 km/h on Cipularang, to our next gig in Bandung. The car boot is bursting at its seams, because of all the amplifiers and guitars and jacks. We all wear black T shirt and jeans, and I havent got a haircut for 6 months. Hari is driving with his aviator shade on. I sit beside him, and my left hand hold a pack of M****oro, when my right hand hold one, still burning red. Butts are strewn everywhere. At the back, Marian is sleeping. Last night we didnt sleep because we were too high about this gig, so we just played music the whole night. A six-pack of B** B***ang is seated nicely beside her, as if the most prominent member of the band. The wind blow right to my face, and the smoke billows along with it. We dont the have slightest idea where the gig place will be, how big it is, and how many people will be there. We dont give a rat ass on details. We will just come and play rock n roll. That's all. Anyway, that's all that matters.

Well, it wont happen in near future anyway. Just a figment of my imagination.


Song of the day revisited: The Sigit- Horse


everything degenerates, crumbles
so why bother to start at the first time?

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