Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Mooncake too many.

I already uploaded the photos from:

NTU Mid-Autumn Festival here
Oldham Hall Mid-Autumn Celebration here

Have to admit that NTU MAF at Yunnan Garden was somewhat romantic.
Candles and Lantern everywhere, a lot of trees, bridges, and lakes.
and those girlfriends were making their own personal lantern for her other half, to twitt!

well, unfortunately, I was there with bunch of guys. lol.
at least I got to make (and eat) my own mooncakes for free!

That was last friday.

On Sunday, came to Oldham Hall to mug my HE101 and HE102
and decided to crash their Mid-Autumn celebrations!
so again, free mooncakes, and this time is actually expensive ones.

some pictures :

I did not get a shot of the mooncakes! nvm, my phone camera sucks anyway.
I shall bring my actual camera more often, along with charged battery.

birthdays are coming, if i'm not wrong, 6 birthdays until end of Sept.
what to do?

Good Luck to me for my quizzes on wed and thurs.

p.s : next week is recess week, yay!

so many things to tell her, but how to make her see?
the truth about my past, impossible. She'd turn away from me

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