Sunday, October 12, 2008

Symphony of wind.

I'm struck by this post-working syndrome.
But since I have no routine work, I'll just call it post-ICN syndrome.

Ever feel that way?
At one time you are wishing for more than 24 hours a day and more than 7 days in a week.
because simply you got too much thing to do, and so little time.
But when that period is over, you just simply have too much time, and so little things to do.
but hey, it may not be true, that is just how you feel.. at least I did.

and that happened last week,
no mood for neither lecture nor tutorials. I shouldn't have bothered coming. hahah.

that was last week,
at least I'm getting them back now, I think.

Okay, guess what I did on Saturday?
indochoir outing, and its agenda? phototaking at Esplanade area.
by far weirdest outing I ever had.

Imagine yourself (or you and your companion, whatever) peacefully spending time in Esplanade rooftop talking, or attending a wedding in Fullerton, or even in a green line MRT ride. Then suddenly, 13 people, all dressed in fancy and different colours come right under your nose starts to take out their cameras (yes, with s behind) and posing, jumping, smiling and laughing endlessly in front of you.

and that lasted from 4pm until about 1030pm, amazing.
surprisingly, I only have 146 photos to show from my camera,
uploaded them here : part1 part2 part3

I'll just show you my favorite from my cam:

this is why I'm swamped right now.
wanted to play around in OH today, but I need some rest.
who says phototaking is not energy-consuming?

for the record, I seldom meet this love-to-be-pictured kind of people.

oh, try listening to James Morrison - Wonderful World, with lyrics.
good for emo people :P


But if I had someone I would do anything
I'd never, never, ever let you feel alone

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