Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Multiple personalities (disorder?).

Hiya there,

And so my first semester results are out today.
It wasn't bad, I guess, but I am somehow not satisfied.
I guess I am more kiasu than I care to admit then. hahahah.
I shall be thankful that my scholarship is safe... lalalaa.

and so, rather than contemplating about un-alterable results,
I'd look for something more fun and less productive to do (cos my holiday is sooo busy)
I stumbled upon this buddytv.com, which gives out tv personality test.
normally, I'd stay away from this, but I got nothing better to do today, so why not?

I completely understand if u want to press Alt + F4 right now
(fyi, I really pressed that two stupid buttons the first time I wrote this, haiz)

So, here are the results from those shows that I watched.

From Veronica Mars, Twilight, Star Wars, X Men, Prison Break, Lord Of The Rings, High School Musical, Heroes and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Funny, I've never really liked Wallace Fennel, I thought he is too darn naive to be main character's sidekick. At least I thought Alice was cute in the movie, and I don't really mind getting her precog ability..

One of the Jedis, not bad, though I prefer Anakin. Luke seems much more outdated (maybe because they filmed it in the 80s then). Next, here is my favorite form of elemental ability! then again, it is as useless as walking refridgerator...

I always thought T-Bag's manipulative ability was one to emulate, but I don't mind getting second opinion on ruthless and cunning part. I'm sure I don't have Southern accent, too. uh oh, Legolas? there may be a glitch or so in the website, but I wanted to learn archery for a short period of time after LOTR.

And here I thought I'll get a Ryan. Troy has a darn high voice and (supposedly) good at basketball, nothing close to me, but I won't complain. Hirooo! though I really hate him in season 2, he's not badd, especially during Charlie period, and I like the description there :D

I love the phrase in the first sentence after the comma :D hahah kidding. but hey, he's the only guy who hooked up with all the GG main chars (except the mother, of course), and somehow I liked his tortured style better than lonely boy's. As for Rachel Greene, this may be the explanation of why I don't mind going around shopping (right jebay?). LOL.

So sorry to put on this much crap, but it's fun in a way
You can try out for yourself on buddytv.com

Conclusion: I watch TOO much TV Shows.....

until next time.

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