Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reciprocity of liking.

Hi there,

it's been like 4 weeks after my last post.
it's not that i have nothing to write, the mood just isn't there.
i remember post-a level time when i was updating this blog like everyday.

So yeah, I'm stuck here until 6 dec, thanks to choir camp,
which, after looking at the schedule, looks more like glorified practice week.
With occasional games and meals, i guess. I shall not complain.
It's just that I don't feel as energetic. let's just see.

Meanwhile, for those people that are already back,
Happy holidays :)
though I have no idea what I am gonna do for the hols.
Let's just meet up and do sth, despite all traffic and "convenience" in Jakarta.

Oh, I accidentally found out something interesting recently.
not to say totally unexpected, but it still came as pleasant surprise.
if it is true, superb! one of seldom cases of my empathic happiness :)

and as always. it's after exam period.
reminds me of this theory:
rate of couples getting together is considerably more before/during exam period, and
rate of those breaking up is significantly more after the results are released.

I have no idea how true is that, but somehow I feel these lovey-dovey stuff happen around/after exam period. for example, like now, maybe i can guess of a few example, too bad this is a public blog :D hahah.

one more thing,
I'm having my room for myself for a week starting tomorrow.
how good is having single room in sg? lol.

My head is just full of scenarios and what-and-whys now.
p.s: try clicking the link at the end.